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What is a messenger chatbot?

According to a recent study, a third of the 30 DAX companies already use chatbots as a digital touchpoint in customer communication. As Cancom reports, widespread use in Germany is still a dream of the future. But digital contacts in Germany are also becoming increasingly interesting for companies, especially since they can already prove useful today.

What size for a pool?

How to choose the ideal size of your pool?

What is the price of a photo?

It is very difficult for most people to estimate the price of a photo. Whether you are a photographer or a customer, here is a small checklist to help you calculate the actual price of a shot.

What is the difference between marriage and engagement?

Although some people may use “engagement ring and wedding ring ” indifferently; both are not the same. An engagement ring expresses the intention to marry, and a wedding ring is worn only after the knot.