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How to use Chatfuel?

Do you need to automate messages between your customers and your Facebook page? Do you need a mechanical system to use to increase your earnings by satisfying users’ curiosities? Then it might be useful for you to know Chatfuel How It Works .

What is a chatbot?

Chatbot, what are they really? The proliferation of chat and messaging has fostered the emergence of the chatbot phenomenon, a ‘non-human’ contact that uses artificial intelligence algorithms to return a structured dialogue to the end user. In this service, which we will update periodically, analyze and monitor the phenomenon to understand how chatbots will evolve and what kind of impact

What activities for a wedding?

Date of marriage: fixed. Invitation cards: sent. Reception place: found and booked. Next step to prepare for the continuation of the wedding? Set up the evening: what time to serve each dish? How many hours do we want to dance? When can speeches be made during the evening? The wedding sometimes requires time slots to fill, for example if your …

What was the first chatbot in history?

The chats are not new. They have existed for decades and now its application is beginning to have an impact on companies as both internal and external forms of communication.